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Part 2

Welcome to the second part of my Morino (Forest) Tamagotch blogs.  The purpose of this page is to complete a day by day account of my first two Morino experiences - which will be written seperately from my regular Tamagotchi blogs. The first hatching will be done from the white egg, and the second from the spotted egg. A detailed account of the spotted egg has already been done on Kat's Moirno Tamagotch logs at, but I will write about my own first experiences on it even though there is only one character that you can get from the spotted egg. I know that many have done close observation on this particular Tama, but I am really excited to blog this little bugs every move. :)

Morino Tamagotch in package


Tuesday, March 8, 2016: I restarted my Morino Tamagotch at 2:36pm and this time I am hatching the spotted egg. I made an image of what it looked like below. :)

When he emerged from his egg he was an Imotchi. He skipped the baby stage of Babymotchi all together.

He was empty on hunger and happiness like any Tama would be after he hatched.  But once I fed and played with him a few times he was good to go for an hour or so. :) Very easy to care for him like last time. There were no predator attacks or anything this evening, so it was an easy first day for this little guy. He went to bed with full leaves tonight at 8:00. I made an image of him sleeping. He is so adorable!


Wednesday, March 9, 2016: Today he was up and awake at 8:00 and the big foot came stomping. I scared him off right away. Other than that the day was quiet. He needed no more attention than usual.

One great thing about this Tama that I never mentioned before: if you guess correctly more than twice in the game, it will fill two happy leaves. :) The same as on the Angel Tamagotchi. I like that feature a lot! He went to bed full and happy at 8pm.


Saturday, March 12, 2016: Nothing out of the ordinary has been going on with my little potato grub these last few days. Aside from the occasional attack from the foot, things have been quiet. I was actually caught off guard late this afternoon when I heard the little changing tune coming from my Morino. He went into the cocoon at just age 4. I guess this makes sense since he skipped the first day as a Babymotchi. So he went into the cocoon around 5:45 after we left Swiss Chalet restaurant, and I have been keeping the temperature meter centered ever since then.

I have decided that I will pause him before I go to bed tonight so I don't mess up with the temperature meter. I don't trust myself to wake up in the middle of the night to change the temperature setting. I can't wait to see him when he comes out of the cocoon. :)


Sunday, March 13, 2016, 8:13pm: Well I have done well with keeping the temperature centered so far! I even took a two hour nap this afternoon and the meter still stayed in the center. I am very happy about this! Now I guess it doesn't matter too much being that there is only one character I can get from the spotted egg, but I still don't want my critter getting too hot or cold. :) I can't wait for him to come out of his cocoon!

10:41pm: NOOO!!!! I just went and checked the meter and it went down to the cold side.  I had been doing so well with keeping it centered. I have the arrow pointed to the hot side now and hoping that it will go back to the middle as fast as possible. I am going to pause him again when I go to bed shortly.


Monday, March 14, 2016: I managed to get the temperature back to the center point this morning and there it stayed for the rest of the day. I knew that today would be changing day, and it was. Shortly after 2:30pm my little grub emerged from his cocoon as a Kabutotchi! I had actually just got up from my desk for two minutes and when I came back, I noticed the dot on the screen savor was moving around so I knew he had changed. He is very cute! He just moves up and down in the one standing position. Below is an image of him. :)

Something I learned about this character from Kat's Morino Tamagotch blog: this character is very active, and very vain about his looks. I guess that is why he is doing an exercise motion all the time, he wants to stay fit and handsome. :) Always wanting to improve on his looks. Very cute indeed.

After he changed I checked his status and he remained at 4 years of age which was the age he was when he went into the cocoon on Saturday evening. His minimum weight is 80mg! He is one big fellow! And after I scrolled through the status meter, I found that there was a new screen, which seems to determine his height or length. From what I have read elsewhere, it is length. When he changed initially, his length was 30.00mm but that quickly changed. After I fed him a milk ball, he went up to 30.6mm, and then I checked him again at 4:17pm and he was at 31.1mm. I am going to keep an eye on this. :) I find this feature really cool! At first I thought that when I fed him, his length would increase. In Kat's experience with the spotted egg, she said that feeding did not increase his length, and I don't know a better source than her logs. I am going to keep an eye on it anyway, just in case. :) I made an image of what the length screen looks like.

I have been keeping track of his feeding times since he came out of the cocoon, and he has a lot more variety! Even more than my last character, Funkorogatchi had. His feeding times are as follows: milk ball (3:07), lollipop (4:08), milk ball (4:57), milk ball (5:52), lollipop (6:42), candy (7:41), leaf (8:52).

Interesting note about the foods: when I fed him the lollipop at 4:57pm, it disappeared from the food menu, and then there were only three foods there to choose from. The next time I went to feed him at 4:57, I noticed that there was a piece of candy in the place the lollipop had been. I love this Tamagotchi!!! There is so much variety. :) I have made images of what the foods look like! The foods at the far right of the screen are the ones that disappear and a new food goes in its place for the next feeding.

Poop times were as follows: 3:06pm, 5:51pm.

I was really not so interested in hatching the spotted egg last Tuesday, but it has turned out to be a lot more interesting than I thought it would be. All of these new foods, and the length meter is of great interest to me. I will be interested to see how long he lives for. Will he outlive my 11 year old Funkorogatchi? These are things that I will find out in the days to come. :)

7:20pm: I just checked his status meter and he has grown to 31.6mm. He is growing slowly but surely. :)

8:20pm: Just checked his status again and he is up to 31.9mm now! I wonder how big he will get....

I have yet to see the predator come today.... I wonder when he will rear his ugly head, or should I say his ugly foot. ;) The predator hasn't come anymore than three times in the run of a day in all the time I have raised the Morino Tama. It is very random when it happens, you just don't know when he will come lurking.....

Bed time is at 9:00pm for this guy! So off to bed he goes...! I shall keep more records of his day tomorrow. :)


Tuesday, March 15, 2016: Today was another interesting day with Kabutotchi. He woke up this morning at 8:00 and he was full and happy from the night before. I took note of his length right after he woke and it was still 31.9mm like it had been when he went to bed.

He is a really easy Tama to care for and he only drops hunger/happy leaves every 50 minutes to an hour. I kept track of his feeding times again today and what he ate. They are as follows: lollipop (8:25), candy (9:36), milk ball (10:16), milk ball (11:06), lollipop (12:05), candy (12:55), candy (1:56), leaf (2:47), leaf (3:37), leaf (4:31), pie (5:28), leaf (6:29), leaf (7:17), leaf (8:10).

He pooped at the following times: 8:24, 11:06, 1:56, 4:30. Still no pattern here from what I can see.

Now I will discuss this whole height and length situation. I took note of all the times that he grew today and it has been interesting, but I still can't be sure that my theory on this is correct. Yesterday I gave question to the thought that he grew after being fed, but I had no evidence to prove it at the time, and there were several times where I fed him and he didn't grow. However..... I experimented today, and it seems that every time I fed him the last food item on the chart (the one furthest to the right), he grew in length. Funnily enough, all of these foods are junk food (lollipops, candy, etc..) and they are the foods that disappear for an hour or so after being fed to the character. SO here is my evidence:

At 9:36 I fed him a candy and then I checked the length meter at 9:37 to see he had grown to 32.7mm. At 12:05 I fed him a lollipop and then five minutes later at 12:10 I checked to see that he was now 33.2mm. At 12:55 I fed him candy and immediately after went to the screen to see he was now 33.5mm. At 1:56 I fed him another candy and yet again he grew to 33.8mm. The next two times I fed him leaves and he stayed at 33.8mm. SO I truly feel that the fourth food option on the food meter is what determines how big he gets. I am going to feed him the lollipop next time he is hungry and see if he grows. :)

5:28pm: Well I just fed him a peice of pie, which I had never seen on the options list until now. I added it to the animations of the food above. After feeding him the pie, I went to the status meter to see that he had indeed grown to a whooping 35.8mm! SO I think that my theory of junk food and length are correct. :)

9:00: Bedtime for my little one! I wasn't able to feed him anymore of the candies to make him bigger, but I think I know for sure that those foods affect his length. :) For some reason after I fed him the pie, there were only three foods to choose from for the rest of the evening. The fourth food option didn't replenish itself. I will check to see if there are four foods again in the morning. As of bedtime he is still 35.8 meters in length. More updates on this to come!


Wednesday, March 16, 2016: Today I kept track of what I fed him again and I can say for sure that the fourth food on the menu makes him grow. He started out at 35.8mm when he woke up and each time I fed him junk food he grew in length. Here is the run down for today of what he ate and when he grew:

Lollipop (8:13) = 36.3mm, candy (9:05) = 36.6mm, candy (10:10) = 36.9mm, leaf (11:08) = no growth, leaf (12:33) = no growth, milk ball (1:29) = no growth, candy (2:30) = 37.2mm, candy (3:12) = 37.5mm, candy (4:18) = 37.8mm, candy (5:42) = 38.1mm, leaf (6:04) = no growth, candy (6:57) = 38.4mm, candy (7:57) = 38.7mm,

So that settles that! I have fed him multiple leaves and milk balls and he has not grown at all, so I am pleased to have done this experiment and gotten results. :) Junk food all the way!!!!

He still refuses to eat the poop, and I can't say I blame him. :P Why it is even an option on the food menu is beyond me. Poor little Tamas shouldn't have to eat their own poop.

There have been no signs of the predator whatsoever since he came out of his cocoon. I wonder if he will ever come around? I am quite happy if he doesn't....! :)

He went to bed tonight at age 6, weighing 99mg and a length of 38.7mm. :)


Saturday, March19, 2016: Since I cracked the case on what foods make my beetle grow, I haven't been blogging here as much. Kabutotchi is still going strong, though at age 9! He has grown in length a little more since the last time I wrote here, and he is up to 45.5mm now! I am so pleased with how well he is doing. :) His weight has maxed out to 99mg because I have been feeding him so much junk food, and that also fills his happy hearts so I don't need to play the game very often.

He was attacked for the first time by the big foot on Thursday evening when I was up to Lauras house hanging out. And then this evening I could hear beeping. I was surprised because I am just not used to hearing him beep since he came out of the cocoon! He was being attacked by the foot again! It is strange because my last character, Funkorogatchi, got attacked daily and several times a day at that. I managed to make an animation of him when he is crying for help from the predator! He looks so frightened, but so cute at the same time! :P

I really don't know how much longer he will live for, but I am really enjoying my time with him. He is so easy to care for, and as I already said, the foods he eats fill both hunger and happiness. I think that Funkorgatchi had certain foods that did the same thing for happiness. Makes it a lot easier for me when I am at work. :)


Sunday, March 20, 2016: Kabutotchi woke up at his regular time of 8am this morning and I noticed right away that he was a little more needy than usual. He has always been so easy to care for since he came out of his cocoon at age 4. But it was really nothing major, he was just dropping two hearts every hour as apposed to one, so I figured this was no big deal....

Not so... This evening at 5:33 I heard an unusual beeping coming from my group of Tamas. I didn't know what was going on until I looked down to see Kabutotchi with a sad look on his face. He was making a little "deeeee de de" beeping noise, and before long there was nothing but a ghost and gravestone on the screen. I didn't see the departure of my first Morino as I was at work at the time. The death sequence is no more than 10 seconds long and then he is gone. Poor little guy.... I miss him already! He died at 10 years of age, 99mg and was 45.8mm in length.

I have restarted my Morino once again, this time hatching the white egg. There is a lot more mystery to this egg, and I am looking forward to getting new characters. But from here on out I shall be blogging about my Morino Tamagotch over at my Tamagotchi Blogs page with the rest of my Tamas.  I will be updating Part 3 of this series of blogs as I get new characters and provide animations and character descriptions, but for now my adventures will be written with the rest of my Tamas. Until then....!

Click Here to find out about my latest characters and discoveries with Morino. :)



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