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Part 1

Welcome to the first part of my Morino (Forest) Tamagotch blogs.  The purpose of this page is to complete a day by day account of my first two Morino experiences - which will be written seperately from my regular Tamagotchi blogs. The first hatching will be done from the white egg, and the second from the spotted egg. A detailed account of the spotted egg has already been done on Kat's Moirno Tamagotch logs at, but I will write about my own first experiences on it even though there is only one character that you can get from the spotted egg. I know that many have done close observation on this particular Tama, but I am really excited to blog this little bugs every move. :)

Morino Tamagotch in package


Thursday, February 25, 2016: The wait is over and I finally have time to hatch my Morino (Forest) Tamagotch that I purchased from Nik. I pulled the tab and pushed reset. At 6:03pm I set the time and was brought to a screen where I could choose from two eggs. There is an all white egg and a black spotted egg. I have decided to hatch the white egg for my first Morino Tama, and I will hatch the spotted one next time.

After just three minutes, my little creature emerged from the egg in the form of a little black grub. His name is Babymotchi and he is really tiny, about the same size as a Babitchi. The screen actually did a checkered pattern after he hatched from his egg and went all black, then he stood there crying for food and play. Below is an animation of my little grub, and this is how he has looked since I fed and played with him. This animation is by no means accurate, but it gives you an idea of how he looks when the screen saver isn't on. I will make an animation of the screen saver in a future post.

He is very easy to care for! I filled all of his hunger and happy leaves and he hasn't needed anything at all since then - and that was almost a half hour ago! It just skips that one hour of demanding care taking all together. One thing I absolutely love about this Tama is the fact that it has leaves instead of hearts in the status menu. I think it is an adorable little feature that sets this Tama apart from the rest of its incarnations. He seems to need about as much care as a Marutchi/Tonmarutchi would need - very easy to care for indeed. :) The game is also pretty basic, finding the hidden leaf! There are four little hats and you need to guess which one holds the hidden leaf. Very cute! :) Below is a little visual to give you an idea of what the game looks like.

6:59 PM: Almost one hour after being hatched, he finally dropped a hunger leaf. This Tama is by far the easiest I have ever cared for. If the first hour is an indication of what the rest of this Tamas journey is going to be like, it is going to be a real easy one. :) Shortly after feeding him, he lost a leaf in happiness, so I played the game with him twice until I won. He really bares his little teeth when he looses!! :P

I put my little one to bed at 8:00 PM. He went to sleep with full leaves, weighing a total of 5mg. I am quite pleased with my little grub... There were no predator attacks... Yet... I do wonder what tomorrow will bring.


Friday, February 26, 2016: I was up and on my way out the door for work when my little bug woke up at 8:00. Today was actually very easy to care for him, just as I expected.  I did keep track of when he needed feeding for the work day. I fed him a leaf at 8:41, 9:34, 10:27, 11:20, 12:04, 12:57, 1:53, 2:40, 3:32, 5:12. He dropped happy leaves in about the same time frame, but I never kept track of those times, but they happened in close succession to the feeding times.  He dropped a leaf about every 40-45 minutes.

I kept track of his poop times: 9:31, 12:04, 2:39, 5:10, and 7:45. His poop schedule is very random. There is not a set time for pooping like the P1/P2 which is every three hours.

The predator attacked twice today, once at 12:01PM and again at 6:01pm. I had expected more attacks, but all was very quiet. I was able to tell when the predator had come because the screen saver went off, and he looked like he was yelling out for help. I picked him up and started tapping my finger on the screen, and I scared away the big foot!

As I mentioned in last nights blog, there is a screen saver that comes up after ten seconds of not pressing any buttons on the Morino Tamagotch. I have made an animation of this feature, which I find rather annoying, but here it is.

This evening at 6:07 I was cooking dinner at Laura's house and I heard a shimmery sound. My little bug was changing, and he became an Imotchi. He is even cuter than before!

After he changed, I noticed that his foods changed! In addition to the leaf, there were three little seeds. So at 6:11 I feed him seeds, and again at 6:59 and 7:46. I put my little grub to bed at 8:00. He went to bed full and happy, weighing 14mg.


Saturday, February 27, 2016: Today, being Saturday and still sleeping at 8am, I paused my little potato grub before going to sleep last night. I woke up at 9:00 and woke Imotchi up at his regular time of 8:00. I want him to have a normal day without too many hours missing. :)

Today was an interesting one. I went to feed him for the first time this morning at 9:42, and there were two little cherries where the seeds were last night. So cute!!! I fed him again at 10:49, 11:22, and 12:15. When noon time came the food changed again, this time there was an ice-cream cone. I love how the foods change!

At 1:00 sharp the predator attacked! I tapped the screen a few times and he was safe once again. He needed food shortly after that, so I fed him an ice-cream at 1:15. He needed feeding again at 2:04, 3:00, and 3:49. It was really easy to care for him this afternoon. I had him right next to me while I watched the movie Sliding Doors.

His food changed again, this time to seeds. I fed him at 4:49, 5:37, 6:39 and 7:25. There really is no set feeding time... I find this to be the most realistic Tama I have cared for!

Imotchi went to bed at 8pm weighing 12mg, full and happy. I do worry about what will become of my little critter, as I saw a post on the Tama Facebook page the other day where someone had their Morino die at just age 3 for no reason at all. I worry that the predator will attack and I won't hear his beeps for help. We shall see what tomorrow brings...! :)


Sunday, February 28, 2016, 7:16pm: Today was another sleep in day for me, so I paused Imotchi before going to bed last night. I woke up at 10:00 this morning so there were two hours taken away from his day. I am back into a work week tomorrow so he will have a full day.

He pooped four times today: 10:13, 1:02, 4:25 and 7:10. There is still no pattern to his bathroom schedule, but I did notice that he will always empty a hunger leaf after pooping - another realistic feature of this Tama. :)

I kept track of what I fed him today and the times in which I fed him: leaf (10:14), leaf (11:11), ice-cream (12:03), ice-cream (1:04), ice-cream (1:48), leaf (3:01), leaf (3:58), seeds (4:37), leaf (5:20), leaf (6:13), leaf (7:12). I played an equal amount of games with him which were needed a few minutes after he needed food.

The big foot came lurking at 2:00 sharp and I scared it away. Imotchi looks so frightened whenever the predator comes, it is so cute! And he is even cuter when I scare the foot away, he is always so happy. :) very cute little guy indeed. Bedtime was at 8pm as per usual. Here are his stats for this evening.


Monday, February 29, 2016: Today was a work day, so I was up and ready for Imotchi when he woke up at 8:00. I was actually driving to work when he awoke, and immediately he was attacked by the predator. Thankfully I was at a red light so I was able to tend to him. Big foot came back again at 2:00 sharp! I have yet to fail protecting my little grub from predators. :)

I kept track of his feedings again today and I noticed he emptied a hunger leaf within just 7 minutes of me filling one up early this afternoon. His food times were as follow: 8:07 (leaf), 8:51 (leaf), 9:53 (leaf), 10:41 (leaf), 11:30 (leaf), 12:47 (leaf), 1:08 (leaf), 1:15 (ice-cream), 2:38 (ice-cream), 3:01 (leaf), 4:46 (seeds), 5:44 (leaf), 6:25 (seeds), 7:14 (leaf).

I am a little confused on one thing, though. Friends of mine on the Tamagotchi Facebook page hatched Morino's on the same day as me. One friends Morino went into the cocoon yesterday at age 3, and Shawn's went into the cocoon at age 4. I haven't paused my Morino for more than a couple of hours so I have no idea why he hasn't gone into his cocoon yet...... I guess I will just have to wait and see what happens.


Tuesday, March 1, 2016: This morning I was running late for work, so I was still at home when he woke up at 8:00am. Like yesterday, the predator came lurking right as he woke up. I was running around trying to gather all my things for the work day as I tapped the screen. He was attacked again at 6:00 sharp! I thought the predator would have attacked more than twice a day, but he hasn't.

This afternoon on my lunch hour, I had to run some errands with Tracey. When I got to the grocery store, I took Mori out to see he was all wrapped up in bandages. He resembled a little mummie, all wrapped up with sickly little eyes. I gave him one dose of medicine and he was fine again. This is the first time he has ever gotten sick so I am guessing this means he is going to go into his cocoon soon? I waited all evening, but at last he went to bed at 8pm. He is 5 years of age today, so I would say he will go into his cocoon by tomorrow?

One observation I made today: this morning he pooped at 9:43 and I cleaned him up. That was the exact time because I saw him poop. Five minutes later at 9:48 he pooped AGAIN! I am very impressed with how random they have made the poop schedule on this Tama. I wrote of a similar experience when he emptied two hunger leaves in seven minutes yesterday. Very interesting little Tama he is.... :) I am enjoying the experience a lot.


Wednesday, March 2, 2016: I knew in my gut that today would be cocoon day and I was right. Imotchi woke up at his normal time of 8AM while I was on my way to work. I fed him a leaf when I got to the office and played the guessing game with him. I think I fed him once more and played another game, and then at 9:43 the screen did a checkered motion (the sound was off, but he was right in front of me) and he was in his cocoon. Below is an image of what it looks like.

Now that he is in the cocoon, there is no activity on the screen. What you see is what you have for the next 24 hours. I can scroll through the icons, flush the screen and turn the lights on and off, etc. The status meter is now one screen that allows you to change the temperature back and forth between cold and hot. I kept the temperature perfectly centered for the entire morning, and then he went over to the hot side a little in the afternoon. I have brought it back down to the middle since then and that is where it has stayed since then.

I was chatting to some friends, and I told them that I would be pausing my Morino when I am sleeping tonight. Shawn told me that he didn't pause his when it was in the cocoon, and just left it in the heat side while he slept. I am kind of nervous to do that so I am going to pause when I go to bed tonight.  I raised a few Morino Tamas when I was in high school, way back in 2007, so I am rusty on this whole cocoon stage. I don't want to mess anything up. It will take a little longer for him to evolve from his cocoon, but it will be worth the wait. :)


Thursday, March 3, 2016: I had a rough day at work today....! Anxiety was bad, it was really hard to get anything done at work, and on top of it all I had to be trained on new procedures. Nonetheless, I had Morino by my side the entire day, and I did my best to make sure the temperature was kept centered the whole day. The temperature slipped over to the cold side twice, but I brought it right back to the middle in no time.

Tonight we (myself and Mom) went up to Laura and John's for a visit, and I had Morino in one of my plastic Tama cases in my pocket. Around 7:20 I could hear a shimmery sound, which I thought was my Angel Tama that I had just hatched earlier changing. But nope! It was Morino. I pulled him out to see.....! I got the worst character. And upon seeing it, I wasn't really surprised. I think the two times the temperature got too cold really messed things up.

He is a really cute little character, though! Soooooo cute! His name is Funkorogatchi and he is a dung beetle. :) I made an animation of him below! I can't believe that poop is on the food menu for this guy!!!!!!!!!!

Mind you, this animation I made is far from accurate, but it gives you a general idea of what he looks like and how he moves about the screen. I will keep track of his feeding times tomorrow and such. It is 9:13pm now and he is still awake, so I guess he will go to bed at 10:00?

10:11pm: Bedtime was at 10:00 and I will see what time he wakes up tomorrow. :) His stats as of bed time are age 6, 72mg with full hunger and happy leaves.


Friday, March 4, 2016: My little Funkorogatchi turned 7 today and awoke at 9am sharp. It was actually refreshing to see him wake up at this hour instead of 8am when I am trying to get ready and out the door for work. :) He definitely seems a little more demanding since he changed into his adult form, but I could be just imagining this. I kept track of his feeding times today.

He is a funny little guy, and he actually eats the poop that is on the food menu. His feeding times were as follows: poop (9:25), poop (10:38), leaf (11:30), leaf (12:47), leaf (1:30), poop (2:40), leaf (3:30), leaf (4:24), leaf (5:30), leaf (6:20), seeds (7:12), seeds, (7:49), seeds (8:39), seeds (9:57).

Poop times for today: 9:24, 12:45, 3:30, 6:15, 9:55.

After changing into an adult his weight went all the way up to 70mg! I was surprised for such a tiny little guy. :) I paused him on two different occasions today because I was being trained on new duties at work. The first time I paused him from 11:53-12:31, and then from 2:46-3:08 for a total of 59 minutes.

There were no predators that came lurking today. Maybe all that poop he eats has kept the big foot away. :P Bedtime came at 10pm like last night, and he fell asleep weighing 74mg.


Saturday, March 5, 2016: I paused Funkorogatchi before I went to bed last night even though I didn't intend to sleep in. Well it was a good thing I paused him because I slept until 11:30 this morning. :P As a result I didn't bother keeping stats on him today. However, early this afternoon I pulled him out of my pocket after leaving Booster Juice to see that he was all bandaged up! I don't know if this was just a regular illness or if he was actually attacked and I missed it..... I gave him some medicine and he has been fine since then.

Not much went on besides that today. I have been feeding him a variety of foods throughout the day. Interesting note: when I feed him the poop, it fills the hunger leaf as well as the happy leaf, so I don't have to play a game with him. I have been feeding him more leaves today and playing the game to make him happy. I figure that is healthier for him. :)


Sunday, March 6, 2016: My lack of writing has had to do with the lack of events happening with my little dung beetle, Funkorogatchi. He doesn't need anything out of the ordinary. I have heard that once they grow into their adult form, there is a frog that comes lurking instead of the big foot. I have yet to see that, though.

I hope he sticks around for a little while, though. He is soooooo cute in everything he does! I really love this little character. He is 9 years old and 84mg. Maybe tomorrow will be more eventful.....!

9:37pm: Just as I finished saving this entry, he began to beep! I looked down at him on the screen to see him frantically running back and forth! Poor little guy was so afraid! I tapped the screen and got rid of the big foot. There was no sign of the frog that I have been told about. :P I will keep my eyes peeled for that guy. I don't want anything hurting my little guy. :)


Monday, March 7, 2016: Little Funkorogatchi continues to be a joy to have around. He seems easier to care for than ever! :) He was attacked by the foot early this morning, and again late this afternoon after I got home from work. Still no sign of Mr. Froggy anywhere! Hehehehe.

His weight has gone all the way up to 98mg because I have been feeding him the poop which fill both hunger and happiness, and that adds 2mg to the weight scale each time. I definitely got lazy in the last couple of days with playing the game.....! What happens next will be a mystery. He is 10 years old today and shows no sign of illness or demand.

8:26: He was just attacked for the third time today, and again he was preyed on by the big foot! The very moment I saved him, he must have been so scared that he pooped immediately after! hehehehe! Poor little guy...!


Tuesday, March 7, 2016: Today began like any other day for little Funkorgatchi. Nothing happened out of the ordinary until 9:38 this morning when I looked down to see a little ghost and gravestone on my Morino Tamas screen. Funkorgatchi had passed away at the young age of 11, which come to think of it is a pretty good age for such an unhealthy character. I never did pause him for more than a couple of hours, so this age was definitely accurate. The sound was off on my Morino when he passed away, but I had only just checked on him a couple of minutes before he died. I am glad that he left full and happy. :) He was a really cute little guy and I will miss him. I didn't restart my Morino until 2:36 this afternoon...!

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