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This page will be a little different than my first two Morino Tama Blogs.  I shall update this page whenever I get a new character that I haven't yet had on my Tama. I will follow the same format as my other blogs in that I will provide an animation of the characters I get and a little description of what methods I used to get said character. It won't be a day by day blog like my first two were -- those adventures can be read over on my regular Tamagotchi Blogs page. I will always notify of any updates to this page over on those blogs. :)

Morino Tamagotch in package



Tuesday, May 10, 2016: I am beside myself with excitement! It only took six tries with the white egg but I finally got someone different! I decided to give in and try the weight method that everyone keeps telling me to do. I got him up to 58mg and by age 3 he went into his cocoon, which was very fast considering I am waiting sometimes until age 6 for it to go into the cocoon.  The reason for this was because I was always working the weight off and basically that prolonged his time as a potato grub. This was last night he went into the cocoon and this time I decided to keep the temperature in between the cold side and the middle. And for the first time I ever I just left him going while I slept. I didn't pause and I left it in the cold side and went to bed. When I woke up this morning the meter hadn't completely plunged into the cold side which I was happy about, so I brought it back up to the middle again, and then it went a little into the cold side again towards the end of the work day. I just kept switching it back and forth. I didn't let it go into the heat side at all. This evening just shortly before 7pm I knew he would be coming out of the cocoon... And he did... :) As a Gejitchi! He is a little cateriplar and I love him so much! I have updated the Morino Tamagotch blogs with an animation of my new character. :) Shawn told me if I got this character he was gonna be so mad because he has been trying to get it forever! Well... I am very happy. :) Here is my animation of Gejitchi!

Gejitchi ("centipede/millipede/icky thing with many legs, often spiny"): Often seen below trees with spiny or thorny flowers. The spiny hairs covering his body not only protect him, but also allow him to rub against the asphalt while running around, thus cleaning the streets. - Tama Talk FAQ


Sunday, May 15, 2016: Well I am sorry that I have to update and say that my sweet Gejitchi has passed on at the young age of 8. Seems no matter how well I care for my Morino Tamas, they always die young. This morning he woke up at his usual time of 10am and just a few minutes later he beeped a few beeps and all that was left was the little ghost and grave site. I really loved this little guy. He wasn't the happiest looking of characters, but he had a sweet way about him.... He wasn't needy at all, only got attacked once every couple of days or so. I hope to get him again someday....! I hope he enjoyed his time here with myself and the rest of my my Tamas. :)


Monday, July 4, 2016: Well I haven't raised a Morino Tama since May and I am back to update you on my latest character. This afternoon shortly after 2:30 my bug came out of its cocoon to be a character I haven't yet seen, ChobiTamatchi! I am thrilled about this! I managed to get his weight up in the 50's again before he cocooned this time, I believe the exact weight was 54mg. This time I decided to let the temperature fall into the cold like last time, but I didn't shift between the cold and the middle continuously. This time before going to bed, I put the temperature in the heat side and left it there until morning.  When I woke this morning it had gone into the hot side, but not completely. I switched the temperature to the cold side right away and brought it down to the middle again, where it stayed for the remainder of its time in the cocoon. When he emerged I was greeted by the sweet character you will see below. :)

Chobi-tamachi ("Little Round bug"): Chiefly lives in the lower branches of trees, and spends its life time going back and forth over thin branches. It uses certain flower pollens as make-up, and gathers various flower extracts to make beautifying lotions with, so it is suspected that it is a make-up maniac. - Tama Talk FAQ

He is a very cute little guy indeed and he fell asleep this evening at 8pm. :) I guess this will mean an early rise tomorrow? We will see.... You can definitely expect updates on how this character fares and new animations as I get new characters. For more of my time spent with ChobiTamatchi, visit my regular Tama Blogs page. :)


Monday, July 11, 2016: Well! I have another update for my little Morino Tama and I am so excited! I nearly burst out of my chair when my little one came out of his cocoon this afternoon. :) Well first I should say that little ChobiTamatchi passed away on July 7 during a hospital visit. Poor little guy.... Anyway, I restarted my Morino Tamagotch at noon time on Thursday and by Sunday (yesterday) I had his weight up to 50mg. I decided to keep the temperature in the heat side for yesterday afternoon/early evening and then I put it to the cold side before I went to bed. When I got up this morning the temperature was mostly gone into the cold side, but not completely. I switched it over to the cold side as soon as I got out of bed and by lunch time it was at the center again. I kept it centered for the remainder of his time in the cocoon and shortly after lunch hour... It happened... I got another new character!!! Tentotchi is this little sweet hearts name. :)

Tento-chi (Lady Bug): Lives in sunflower meadows. Makes a living by exchanging Safflower oil to the Koganechi. It has charming polka dot stars shining on its back, but they can't be seen, even using the magnifying glass. - Tama Talk FAQ

I am so happy and this is by far the cutest character I have seen yet on Morino Tamagotch. I hope he lives for a long time! And this is the best character I have gotten yet as he ranks second on the chart. I am surprised at this because I actually let him get mauled by the frog when he was a potato grub. Oh well! Just another accomplishment in Tamagotchi history for me. :)


Saturday, July 23, 2016: I got yet another new character! But I gotta back things up a couple of days first because this Morino has been an advenutre. So he went into his cocoon on the 19th and I kept the meter in the cold side after I went to bed that night. When I woke up the next day, the meter had plunged completely into the cold side - there was no black line left. I didn't think much of it and let the meter stay in the heat side for the rest of the day, until it came out of it's cocoon on the 20th. Well that night of the 20th I was sitting in the TV room watching the news with my Mom when the moment of truth happened. I thought for sure I would get a new adult this time. I waited as the screen blacked out, and then it cleared.. to be.. Imotchi? Imotchi! He came out of the cocoon as the same character he went in as. I was completely caught off guard for this one. I just stared at him for a couple of seconds until the screen saver went on and then looked up. My Mom asked what was up and I was just like "Oh my Tamagotchi is doing something weird".  I was so puzzled, but I said I might as well just continue to care for the little guy and see what happens. I continued to get his weight up for the next 24 hours and I beleive I got it up to over 70mg by the time he went back in his cocoon again 24 hours later, last night. I kept the tempearture on the cold side again last night and surprisingly enough it stayed in the center all night. There is so much mystery to the cocoon stage... Sometimes the meter will go all the way to one side, and then others times it won't move much at all.  It is a very intriguing little Tama for sure. I kept the meter mostly centered all of today at work, letting it go into the hot side once and then the cold side once. Tonight at 6:11 he emerged from his cocoon to be a new adult character named Minotchi. :)

Minochi (Caddis fly larvae): It's always covered in a cloak of twigs and leaves, and lives on many-branched trees. It is the most fashion-conscious of the Mushichi (Tamagotchi bugs) and changes at least 5 times per day! - Tama Talk FAQ


Monday, November 14, 2016: It's been a while since I updated this section of my site. :) Of course when I update this page it means one thing - a new character! Yes yes I finally got a new (to me) adult on my Morino Tamagotch. I actually hatched a Morino before this one and got ChobiTamatchi again, which was fine because that character is adorable, but I really wanted something new. I hatched this particular Morino on November 9. I made a promise to myself that I wasn't going to let this one get attacked so brutally all the time. More often than not my poor Mori's end up getting mauled by the predators and I find them all bandaged up. This time I decided that if I wasn't going to be there for my Mori, I would simply pause him and then care for him when I knew I had the time to dedicate to him.

I was successful with this guy except for one time when he was a Babymotchi. Actually that was when I decided I would pause him when I knew I was busy. So after that first attack all went well and I got his weight up to about 44mg. He went into the cocoon yesterday at 3:18pm while watching the movie Serial Mom.... I think I would have liked to have hidden at that particular moment in the movie as well.... :P Beaten to death with a leg of lamb.... Horrific.... Anyways.

After my little potato grub went into his cocoon I decided I was really going to focus on the heat side of things this time. I put it in the heat right away and left it there all night. Before I went to bed the meter was at 3/4's heat and I left it there as I slept. When I woke up this morning the meter was fully into the hot side and I said hey why not just leave it there a little longer, and so I did until 9AM this morning. At this time I brought things over to the cool side, but I only let it get down to 3/4's heat and then stuck it back in the hot side again where I let it get fully hot again. I left it here until my cocoon emerged at 3:18pm to be a Koganetchi, the golden beetle. :) After all this time I finally got the most healthy adult on the chart. I couldn't be more happy about this. :)

Koganechi ("Coin-beetle"): S/he has a shiny, iridescent body, which is rumored to be about the size of a 500-yen coin (um... about an inch or more across). Can be found around Mount Akagi and sometimes the flashier areas in town. It's believed to get its nutrients either from money, or something stuck on money. It's rumored to know the burial place of the Treasure of the Great Tokugawa Shogunate. - Tama Talk FAQ


Tuesday, June 27, 2017: I can't believe I haven't updated this page since November of last year! I have raised several more Morino Tams since getting Koganetchi in November, but it wasn't until the most recent hatch that I got a new character. I finally managed to get the Twin Ants with the help of my friend Shawn. Below is the animation of the adorable duo. :)

Twinaritchi("Twin Ants"): always comes in pairs of two, and act together as one unit. They're good friends, but the real reason they stay together is for survival. They enjoy sweet foods, making them susceptible to tooth decay. - Tamagotchi Wika

Here is the the regime I followed from Shawn (the times that I hatched my Mori were different than his, but I followed these exact steps and changed the temperatures in the same number of time intervals):

(Day 1)  11:52am  - Hatched
(Day 2) 
11:52am  - Evolve to Imotchi 
Imotchi - Feed ONLY candy. Don't miss any attacks. Hearts dropped to -2 once or twice.
(Day 4) 
11:52am  - went into cocoon at 40mg.
11:52am  switch to cold.  9pm switch to hot
(Day 5) 
9am  switch to cold.  10am switch to hot.
11:52am  - Came out of cocoon.

It was most definitely a success and I actually managed not to miss ANY attacks! I did an exceptional job raising the little guy, or should I say, guys. ;) I still have two other characters that I need to get on this wonderful little Tama, and you can be sure I will be back with updates when I do.


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